What does sustainability mean? Why is it important? Sustainability is a term that is increasingly common and is integral to organic living. This short animated video explains the importance of sustainability and also shows how vital it is for the health of future generations and our beautiful planet.

In essence, sustainability means that something can continue working. For us, as people, it means that our planet can continue to provide clean water, fresh air and food, now and in the future.

Non-sustainability means that our planet cannot do this, and according to this clip, this is where we are now.

So what are the things that threaten the sustainability of our planet?

  • Human dependence on fossil fuels and heavy metals,
  • Dependence on synthetic chemicals that are not broken down by nature,
  • Destruction of nature,
  • Preventing people globally from meeting their needs.

The planet’s ability to provide clean air, water and sufficient food for everyone is declining. Why? Because of the way we are living. We are destroying the system we are dependent upon. That system is nature.

We live on the planet, and everything we do has an effect on the planet. Societies, the environment and economics are all interrelated. In order to live well on our planet we need to follow the four care instructions outlined in the video. These care instructions need to be applied to everything we do, at home, at work, at leisure.

By choosing an organic lifestyle, eating organic food, wearing organically produced clothing, you are choosing sustainability and securing your future and your children’s future.

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