Organic gardening is one of the best ways of improving your well being, and your family’s, whilst developing the health of the planet. You grow your own nutritious produce, and you can plant flowers to inspire you which also attract wonderful wildlife like butterflies and honeybees. Time spent outside, whatever the weather, is good for body and soul.

Phil emphasises the wholly different approaches between conventional gardening and sustainable organic methods. He uses the example of aphids: these need not necessarily be pests that threaten your plants because an infestation basically occurs because the plant is not healthy. Therefore rather than killing the aphids using chemicals, what you need to do is make the plants healthier so the aphids don’t want to eat them.

What Phil is offering here is a free online course on the basics of organic gardening. It’s a fabulous opportunity to learn from an expert gardener who has wholeheartedly embraced the organic ethos. The videos will be relevant for those of you who are excited about learning how a garden works, who are interested in designing and installing a garden from scratch, and who want to garden organically and sustainably. The course is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced gardeners.

Either watch the video or click here to access the Smiling Gardener web site to sign up.

I love this guy. He inspires me to get out into my garden and nurture it. His approach is one I really admire – he looks at gardens from a completely holistic perspective. This means he considers the causes of any problems, rather than just looking to deal with the symptoms. It’s wonderful that Phil is happily sharing his expertise for free with anyone that is interested in learning more. I hope you take up this opportunity (I have), and have lots of fun learning more about your garden. Gardening can be a fascinating and life-enhancing aspect of an organic lifestyle if you so choose.

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