This clip showcases the reasons why it is important for all of us to reject agricultural and food production systems that harm the earth, denature the environment and ultimately harm our health. Here are a collection of comments from a number of people, each one of whom gives a different reason as to why we must choose organic food and production methods to benefit ourselves and our planet.

I’ve picked out a few quotes that I think are particularly relevant, and included additional comments or research to back up the point. I would urge you to watch this video because all the comments linked together make a very powerful point.

“Every culture that collapses, collapses because they killed their topsoil.”

Soil erosion is widely considered to be a serious threat to the long-term viability of agriculture in many parts of the world1. This concern is not without precedent. Human history contains many examples of previous civilisations whose downfall was caused at least in part by excessive soil erosion and the deterioration of the agricultural base2. The problem is particularly serious in certain developing countries.” — Derek Eaton, The Economics of Soil Erosion, International Institute for Environment and Development.

“We live in the most ecologically illiterate civilisation that has ever existed.”

Yes, we are killing the very planet that provides our food and energy.

“When a culture worships at the altar of faster, bigger, fatter, cheaper that food system mantra will express itself in the population.”

Yes, in Western developed countries one of the biggest problems in recent years is obesity. In less economically countries the biggest problem is often malnutrition.

“It’s not really providing nutrition to us, it’s providing an ILLUSION of nutrition.”

The steep rise of many illnesses, auto-immune diseases and behavioural problems in the last hundred years has to be attributable to something. Can you figure it out?

“What people don’t realise is… you vote with your fork.”

Too true. You can stop eating food that contains pesticide residues, trans fats, GM ingredients. Just don’t buy it.

Organic food and sustainable living are not just ‘nice-to-do,’ they are ‘must-do’s, if we want our children to grow up healthy and able to live well on our planet. Now is the time to focus on these choices.

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