You might be preparing for a forthcoming birth. You might already have a baby or toddler. You might simply want to know what organic or eco baby products work, and why. Here’s a list of the top ten (well, eleven actually) products chosen by the founder of online eco baby store, Hello Charlie.

You may not find all the brands mentioned in the video available in your local supermarket. However most supermarkets will offer an eco alternative or you can simply order online. Many online suppliers offer discounts for bulk buys.

  1. Eco disposable nappies:
    • Although cloth nappies are more probably more environment friendly, there are some times when disposable nappies are preferable. Some babies don’t like cloth nappies at night. If you are out for the day, or if you are spending time ferrying older children to and from school, disposable nappies work very well.
    • Eco-disposable nappies will benefit your child’s skin as well as the environment. They won’t use strong toxic bleaches and should be biodegradable, unlike conventional nappies.
  2. Organic moisturisers:
    • Are prepared from natural ingredients and should not contain synthetic ones. The brand recommended here is Weleda Calendula lotion which we have used in our house. It’s a very good moisturiser, but always do a patch test first. My son has extremely sensitive skin, and can only tolerate pure plant oils as moisturisers.
  3. Eco-friendly wipes:
    • Like the nappies, eco and organic baby wipes won’t contain harsh synthetic formulations or perfumes. A benefit to both your babe and the environment. Can be used as facial wipes to remove make-up.
  4. Glass bottles:
    • More and more people are becoming aware of bottles that contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), a compound that can leach into the milk over time. If you are using bottles to feed your baby, either use glass bottles or look for Bisphenol A free bottles. More information will be available in the forthcoming post on the dangers of Bisphenol A.
  5. Wooden Baby toys:
    • Rattles, dummy holders and pram toys are all available. Made from sustainable wood and non toxic paint, these toys won’t harm your baby however much she chews them. Vanessa recommends Hess Speilzeug wooden products, but any wooden toy supplier will give details on the type of wood and paint they use. You can shop around online.
  6. Organic cotton rattles and comforters:
    • The benefits of organic cotton are significant, not just for the baby, but for the workforce that produces the product.
  7. Merino ‘Sleeping’ (Gro) bags:
    • Made from merino wool which helps regulate body temperature unlike synthetic fabrics. These baby sleeping bags create a comfortable micro-climate for your child, who won’t be able to kick off his blankets in the night. Most people who use Gro bags for their babies say that the mummy gets a better nights sleep as well as the baby!
  8. Flexi-bath:
    • See clip (3 mins 45 seconds) to see how the flexi bath folds up. Made from recycled plastic and is BPA free.
  9. Eco-friendly cleaning products:
    • Here in the UK Ecover is probably the most well known. Most countries will have their own environmentally friendly range. These products won’t hurt the environment, and are usually much kinder generally. We can only use Ecover non-bio washing detergent – all the other conventional ones cause serious skin rashes on my children.
  10. Recycled plastic toys:
    • Vanessa recommends Green Toys. I must admit my son would LOVE that truck! By purchasing these, you are benefiting the environment and ensuring that no dangerous chemicals can leach from the plastic into your child’s skin/ mouth etc.
  11. Portable High Chair:
    • This does look great. A cloth seat that can be used with any chair except a stool. Folds down to tiny size and can be cleaned whenever you need to by throwing it into the washing machine. I want one of those! Brand name is Totseat.

This range of eco-baby products will set you up very well. None of them cost considerable more than the more conventional alternatives with the exception of the flexibath. Do some online research to find suppliers in your own country and to compare prices. Organic living doesn’t cost the earth.

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