With a vision to grow the healthiest and best tasting foods for himself, Jody Scheckter, ex Formula 1 champion, has created one of the UK’s largest and most successful organic farms. His route to success is simple: “To produce the best tasting healthiest food, we follow nature very strictly. We have two main keys: one is slow growing animals and plants which generally are healthier and taste better. The second is biodiversity which is key to a healthy, natural environment,” explains Jody.

In this beautiful video, Jody touches upon the fundamentals of organic farming: why healthy soil is so important, and how farming naturally really does produce the tastiest and healthiest food. Sit back and enjoy this clip to learn more about quality and care given to farming at Laverstoke Park Farm. It’s well worth watching.

Laverstoke Park Farm products have been appearing in my local supermarket for a couple of years, as well as in my online supermarket. In recent months the range of its organically grown foods have broadened considerably. You can now purchase a variety of organic meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, pies, ice-cream and fudge as well as other foods. Having watched this clip, a trip to the Laverstoke Farm Shop is definitely on my wish list for outings in 2012.

The reason for featuring Laverstoke Park Farm is simple. For years I have been searching for nitrate-free bacon. Nitrates and nitrites are used as preservatives, to colour meat products and to prevent the growth of botulism spores. They are found in nearly all processed pork and meat products, sadly even organic ones. Unfortunately these additives combine with amino-acids to produce carcinogenic nitrosamines. Although the effects of nitrates and nitrosamines on the human body are still being explored, it is believed that rising rate of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes may be linked to the increased consumption of nitrites. Hence my search for nitrate free bacon and sausages.

When I discovered Laverstoke Farm bacon I wanted to celebrate. We now buy all our pork products from this Farm via my online supermarket Ocado. The relief I get knowing that there are no cancer causing chemicals in the meat is well worth the few extra pennies. We also buy the buffalo milk and buffalo mozzarella. Two of my children suffer from eczema and asthma, and so they are dairy free (dairy being a common allergen). The children love the taste, and don’t seem to react to buffalo milk in the same way they do to cow’s milk.

I think Laverstoke Park Farm is managed as all farms should be managed. The organic farming methods really do produce the most delicious foods. The peace of mind that I have when I feed these foods to my family is immense – no preservatives, no cancer-causing compounds – food as nature intended. This is what organic living is all about.

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